MIDS Capstone Projects: Summer 2020

BeautyIQ is a makeup recommendation app offering personalized, hassle free cosmetic recommendations. Powered by data science, our machine learning algorithm...
Using publicly available dance videos, we are applying a combination of the OpenPose machine learning model and language models to generate novel dance...
An intelligent system that integrates electronic medical records, chest X-rays, and deep learning insights to empower radiologists’ diagnoses and workflows.
Helping medical professionals around the world curate and find value from the thousands of Covid research papers published every week. 
This project, which was carried out in collaboration with physicians from the Gujarat state of India, has developed a two-staged, fully operating, pipeline for...
Help stop the spread of COVID-19 Misinformation. We have collected over 10,000 claims from fact-checking organizations such as Poynter and Politifact as well...
Applying neural networks to transcribe percussion for educators, professionals, and hobbyists.
Irrigation30 is an effort to use machine learning techniques to predict high-resolution irrigation labels for any landmass on earth. With our Python package,...
Jobmaite matches job seekers with personalized job listings based on their experience and skills profile. Simply provide a few bits of information about...
MBVA automatically identifies billing codes based on medical documentation. Benefits are two folds. First this virtual assistant's aid makes billing process...
Projecting an optimal lineup using machine learning to win Draftkings daily fantasy football contests.
Providentia enables campaign strategists and political analysts to uncover election insights beyond polls, identify swing state dynamics, and devise...
Distribution Gap
ML struggles to maintain accuracy on new data, even when the datasets are created using the same source. Can we bridge this distribution gap with data...
TeacherPrints is a free instructional coaching app that helps teachers to visualize their lesson delivery and take positive steps toward teaching excellence.
The Virtual Classroom TA is a web application that uses computer vision to assess student facial emotions during virtual classes.
WildTrackAI applies cutting-edge computer vision technologies to enhance non-invasive monitoring of endangered species using footprints.