Lily L. Chang Award

During the final semester of the I School’s Master of Information and Cybersecurity program, students undertake semester-long capstone projects which cement skills learned throughout the MICS program — core cybersecurity technical skills, understanding of the societal factors that impact the cybersecurity domain and how cybersecurity issues impact humans, and professional skills such as problem-solving, communication, influencing, collaboration, and group management — preparing students for success in the field.

Top projects in each semester are awarded the Lily L. Chang MICS Capstone Award. The award was established through a gift by Lily L. Chang, VP of the Strategic Transformation Office at VMware.

Judging Guidelines

Spring 2024

NFC logo: a graphic of a shield above a car
NFC Sentinel is a novel MFA system for keyless car key fobs, enhancing security against sophisticated hacks and ensuring universal compatibility.

Fall 2023

Leveraging AI to secure the Defense Industrial Base by helping small businesses with CMMC compliance.

Summer 2023

Cyber Attack: The Ultimate Board Game of Strategic Cyber Warfare! Cyber Attack is a game of attacker vs. defender in the cyber world.  It can be played by 2...

Spring 2023

Enjoy and benefit from strong cybersecurity of your home network through INHOME zero trust architecture based protection.

Fall 2022

Open Privacy Bridge is a privacy threat intelligence platform for everyday web users that want a better understanding of how websites use, share, track and...

Summer 2022

Open Zero Knowledge Integration: a zk-SNARK-based proof framework for developing privacy protecting components of a web application.

Spring 2022

We have identified a vulnerability affecting over 10,000 applications with which an attacker can potentially steal logins, payment info, modify website content...

Fall 2021

You should not trust your commercial VPN. Try GhostPRTCL instead.

Summer 2021

Full Loop Privacy - Privacy by Design Integration and Automation

Spring 2021

Blue and gold image of a honey pot with a black-hat hacker trapped inside
As a power plant operator, sleep soundly, knowing hunnypOT alerts you as soon as anyone touches your OT system, and distracts them before they...

Fall 2020

DevOps requires that you shift left, even with PII protection in your application logs.

Summer 2020

Eximius Hardware Key Logo
Next generation hardware security key that features malware detection, contextual multi-factor authentication (CMFA), theft resistance, and user defined...

Spring 2020

Logo Design
There are many solutions to resolve issues with passwords, but our forward thinking approach, Password-Less as a Service (PLaaS), provides a password manager...

Fall 2019

Helping small offices be HIPAA compliant