The UC Berkeley School of Information (I School) is home to talented graduate students and alumni building careers in diverse fields, such as data science, user experience design & research, product management, engineering, information policy, cybersecurity, and more. With over 1000 graduate students in a range of experience levels, I School has the technical leadership needed for today and the future.

The Berkeley I School Advantage

The technology and information landscapes are evolving at an ever-increasing pace. The interdisciplinary nature of the Berkeley I School curriculum means that students’ skills are optimized for adaptation as well as working within teams, managing competing stakeholders and priorities. Students learn and appreciate a multidisciplinary perspective informed by information and computer science, design, cognitive science, management, law, and policy.

Career Services

Our career services mission is to empower and support students and alumni in the process of clarifying and achieving their career goals.

We work to empower students and alumni in making a positive impact in the workforce and engaging with meaningful and enjoyable work where they can show up as their authentic selves. We seek to create genuine and trusted relationships with employers, assisting them in hiring needs and helping our students and alumni discover varied opportunities where their skillset adds value. We act as a partner in breaking down barriers during the career search process and advancing equity in recruiting practices and career development.

I School MIMS students tour San Francisco’s Autodesk Gallery after networking with Autodesk hiring managers.

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“I pursued data science for two main reasons. First, it sits squarely at the crossroads of creative problem-solving and technical know-how. Most data science jobs allow you to wield a technical toolset with freedom and creativity, which was really appealing! Second, I saw data scientists as ‘arbiters of truth,’ the people who brought objectivity to decisions previously made based on intuition and seniority; I loved the idea of being able to speak truth within an organization and to help others make better decisions.”
—Zachary Beaver (MIDS ’16)
Senior Data Scientist, Google

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May 24, 2024