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Resume, LinkedIn, or Cover Letter Reviews

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Resume Basics

Before submitting your resume for review, start with this resume guide. This comprehensive guide has valuable tips about resume layout and content, including required elements, personalized elements, sample action verbs, and how to give a great first impression — use these basics, as well as your personal brand, to create a successful resume which lands you the interview.

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LinkedIn Basics

Before submitting your LinkedIn profile for review, start with this guide. This comprehensive guide has valuable tips for maximizing your profile & engaging with the LinkedIn community.

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Jobscan & Applicant Tracking Systems

Jobscan is a resume software tool that analyzes your resume for how it would perform in an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). The I School can provide premium Jobscan accounts for students, as another source of feedback on their resumes.

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More Resume Resources

Our list of career search guides includes a variety of additional resume resources, including downloadable templates.

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Last updated:

February 13, 2024