Women in MIDS

The Women in MIDS initiative supports women in the program in a variety of ways.

The initiative provides feedback to MIDS faculty, staff, and course developers about challenges and concerns faced by women in the program, to further the program’s inclusivity, improve faculty instructional strategies, and welcome diverse perspectives in the classroom. The initiative also helps women in the MIDS program meet potential mentors by inviting women both inside and outside of the program to share their career experiences and insights in webinars and panel discussions.

We host focused discussions for women in the program — including faculty, students, and alumni — about their experiences in the program and their respective fields/professional domains. We also host occasional online meetings as well as a designated discussion channel on Slack.


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Morgan G. Ames
Morgan Ames
Assistant Adjunct Professor Alumni (MIMS 2006)
305B South Hall

Slack channel: #genderandtech

Women in the MIDS program are invited to join the conversation on the #genderandtech Slack channel.


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May 3, 2019