Graduate Certificates

The School of Information offers two graduate certificates, open to all UC Berkeley graduate students.

The Graduate Certificate in Applied Data Science introduces the tools, methods, and conceptual approaches used to support modern data analysis and decision-making in professional and applied research settings. It exposes students to the challenges of working with data (e.g., asking a good question, inference and causality, decision-making) as well as to the new tools and techniques for data analytics (machine learning, data mining, and more).

The Graduate Certificate in Information and Communication Technologies and Development equips students to work across boundaries to identify, evaluate, and implement solutions to pressing societal problems in the developing world.

A UC Berkeley Graduate Certificate is a structured sequence of courses and requirements which focuses on a specialty or area of expertise not offered by a regular degree program. Certificates are designed to complement a student’s regular degree program.

In general, current UC Berkeley graduate students in good standing are eligible to apply to the certificate program; students are advised to check with their departmental advisors regarding their individual eligibility.

Upon graduation, you will be issued a certificate in addition to your diploma, and completion of the certificate program will be noted on your official transcript.

Last updated: February 27, 2020