For Nonprofit and Government Employers

We encourage nonprofits, government agencies, and NGOs to recruit Master of Information Management & Systems (MIMS) graduate students for summer internships.

In order to support MIMS students interested in careers in public service, the School of Information awards non-profit internship support grants. These grants are available to MIMS students in summer internships in the U.S. or abroad.


In order for students to be eligible for the Nonprofit Internship Grant, the internship must be with:

  • a non-profit — a a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) of the US Internal Revenue Code
  • a government agency — including administrative units within a local, state, or national authority; or
  • a non-governmental agency (NGO).

The internship must:

  • be full-time (30–40 hours per week);
  • provide valuable, career-related experience and learning goals;
  • provide supervision and training (as necessary).

Internships may be paid or unpaid; the I School will supplement funding with grant amounts up to $10,000. 

Application Process

Students must apply for the nonprofit internship grant with an offer letter or correspondence from an eligible organization that indicates a firm intent to hire. Nonprofit internship grant applications are due at the end of April and successful applicants will be notified in early May. The 2023 deadline is April 28, 2023.

Suggested Recruiting Timeline

Nonprofit internships postings can be announced anytime. We suggest that you post internship announcements in spring, from February to April, and are prepared to extend an offer by mid-April. If you have questions on a recruiting timeline, please reach out.

Interested? Next Steps

Share an Internship Posting

If you are a nonprofit, government agency, or NGO interested in an intern funded through the I School nonprofit internship grant, the next step is to email the I School Career Services team to advertise an internship posting with I School students. 

We suggest that your internship posting include at a minimum:

  • a short description of your organization and
  • job or project summary.
  • Bonus if it includes:
    • roles & responsibilities and
    • necessary qualifications.

Your job posting can be provided in email, Google doc, PDF, website link, etc. The I School career services team is available to consult and provide feedback on your internship posting as necessary.

When you email your internship posting to career services, just add a note if you would also like an electronic resume book.

Email the I School Career Services team with questions or internship opportunities today!

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Sample Nonprofit Internships

Recent MIMS student nonprofit internships have included:

  • Wikimedia
    Design Research Intern

  • World Resources Institute
    UX Research Intern

  • OpenArchive
    UX Design Intern

  • California Digital Library
    ML Engineer Intern

  • Shelter Tech
    UX Design and Experience Intern

  • Center for Police Equality
    Research Science Intern

  • ...and more

Last updated:

May 24, 2024