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man in blue button up pointing at a white board
The U.S. is enveloped in a storm of digital disinformation so powerful that it’s putting lives, and democracy, at risk. Policymakers and many others...
photo of Catherine Cronquist Browning
Catherine Cronquist Browning, the assistant dean of academic programs and of equity and inclusion at the I School, argues that climate change is an...
Andrew Reddie
Policymakers face an incredibly difficult challenge to craft policy in the face of increasingly complex national and international security...
Hany Farid
Frustratingly, in the intervening years, and most recently in last month’s US Supreme Court oral arguments for Gonzalez v. Google, the courts have...
headshot of professor hany Farid
Seemingly bound by only your imagination, this latest trend in synthetic media has delighted many, inspired others and struck fear in some.