MIMS Admissions: Academic History

We welcome applicants from a wide range of backgrounds, recognizing that there is not one perfect MIMS student profile. Our holistic application review process gives you multiple opportunities to demonstrate your academic aptitude and potential to succeed in the MIMS program and beyond.

Your prior academic pursuits and performance provide the admissions committee with valuable insight. We conduct a thorough and comprehensive review of your academic records. In addition to taking note of your GPA, we look closely at your specific coursework and grades received, the rigor of your major, and the context of your achievements. We will also pay close attention to your technical and quantitative coursework to get a sense of whether you can handle the technical rigors of MIMS.

Here are some action items and tips to help you get started:

Step 1

Request academic transcripts from every post-secondary school that you have attended, including community colleges, summer sessions, and extension programs.

If you completed your undergraduate degree from an institution outside the United States, we’ve got you covered! See below for additional instructions on submitting international documents.

Step 2

Upload your academic transcripts (and applicable degree certificates and/or translations) to your online application.

Tip #1

Because our MIMS program is multidisciplinary, we feel that diversity contributes to classroom experience, and we value many different kinds of students in the program. So if you don’t have a highly technical background, that is fine — and in some cases great! You just have to make sure you convince us that you can handle the program and know this is the right path for you.

Tip #2

If your GPA does not convey your aptitude or if there are gaps in your educational background, share your story with us in your Personal History Statement. Perhaps you were working to finance your education or managing personal, family, or health issues — these are important considerations to share with us.

Common Questions and Answers

If I am reapplying, can I reuse transcripts from my previous application?

Yes, you may use previous application materials in your reapplication. If you choose to reuse your previous academic transcripts, please complete relevant Institution fields in the Academic History section of the application. After selecting Save, please send an email to admissions@ischool.berkeley.edu, and the admissions team will upload your academic transcripts directly to your application.

My academic institution is not listed in the drop down menu in the Academic History section. What should I do?

If you cannot find your academic institution in the drop down menu, try typing in a unique word from your institution name to check if that automatically populates the institution. If that does not work, you may manually write in your institution name. You must include “Dates Attended” to save the academic institution to your application.

My GPA is not on a 4.0 scale. Do I need to convert it or submit a GPA calculation worksheet?

No, instead of converting your GPA to a 4.0 scale, please leave the "Grade Point Averages (GPA)" field (under "Grades”) blank. Our admissions committee is knowledgeable about international transcripts and how to evaluate grades and performance.

My grades were impacted by COVID-19 or changed to a P/NP grading policy. How will the I School review these grades?

The I School evaluates applications holistically, meaning that we consider an applicant’s combination of professional, academic, and personal experiences and accomplishments, letters of recommendation, statements, and academic record in our admissions decisions. Such a review takes into account the significant disruptions of COVID-19 when reviewing students’ transcripts and other admissions materials. And we understand that many institutions across the country instituted P/NP grading policies during Spring 2020.

Do I need to upload official transcripts with my application?

No, you may submit unofficial transcripts (scanned copies or screenshots). Unofficial transcripts must include your full name, grades, cumulative GPA, degree conferred/awarded information, and institution name. If you are admitted to the MIMS program and decide to enroll, UC Berkeley Graduate Division will require that you submit official documents in your first term.

What if I am currently in school or have not completed my degree?

Please upload your current unofficial transcripts to your application. Your unofficial transcripts must include grades from your most recently completed semester/quarter. If you are admitted to the MIMS program and decide to enroll, UC Berkeley Graduate Division will require that you submit official transcripts and degree certificates/conferral (if applicable) that include degree awarded/conferred information. Per UC Berkeley Graduate Division eligibility requirements, you must complete your undergraduate degree before you are eligible to begin MIMS.

If I received transfer credits from another institution, do I need to submit that transcript?

You are required to submit transfer credit transcripts if 9 or more credits were applied towards your degree. This transcript can be unofficial.

For International MIMS Applicants

Applicants who completed their undergraduate degree in a recognized academic institution outside the United States are required to upload a copy of their degree conferral certificate. If a degree conferral certificate has not yet been obtained, please upload a provisional certificate. Applicants who have not yet graduated from undergrad are not required to submit a provisional certificate at this time. For specific questions, please contact admissions@ischool.berkeley.edu.

My undergraduate college degree is from a foreign country. Is it equivalent to a U.S. bachelor’s degree?

The Graduate Division determines which degrees are acceptable. Because of the variety of international education systems, there is no single answer. For specific questions, please contact admissions@ischool.berkeley.edu.

Do I need to submit a degree certificate/conferral?

If your transcript does not include official evidence of your awarded degree, you must submit additional documents that verify your degree conferral. Institutions from the following countries must submit a bachelor’s degree certificate/conferral with their transcripts: China, India, Pakistan, Iran, and most European and Latin American countries.

For applicants with degrees from China: UC Berkeley Graduate Division accepts English-only transcripts, but requires that you submit degree certificates/conferrals in both Chinese and English (translated directly from the academic institution or an ATA-certified translator).

Please reach out to admissions@ischool.berkeley.edu if you have questions about this requirement.

Are there requirements for English translations of academic documents?

Yes. Translations must come directly from the academic institution, the Ministry of Education, ATA-certified translator, or WES ICAP*. Translations from translation agencies, individuals, or ATA-certified corporations are not acceptable.

*To electronically submit your WES ICAP, follow the instructions provided by WES. Select “University of California at Berkeley” as the recipient and “Graduate Admissions” 318 Sproul Hall #5900, Berkeley, CA 94720-5900 as the school/division.

Last updated: September 28, 2023