Career Services for Students & Alumni

Whether you are looking to grow in your current field, make a pivot to a new role, or start a brand new venture, the career services team is available to provide resources and help you navigate your career journey. We are your partners in achieving your professional goals.

The Career Services team mission is to empower and support students & alumni in the process of clarifying and achieving their career goals. We meet people where they are, valuing the many different experiences each brings to the table and seeking to know and respect others on a deeper level.

Personalized Career Planning

Career services provide one-on-one coaching to help you define your brand and career goals, create your career strategy, and connect with meaningful opportunities. We value the potential in every student and believe that they have everything they need to be successful; our goal in career planning is to help remove barriers and clarify thinking.

Transformational Learning Opportunities

Throughout your time as a student, you will have opportunities to assess and develop your leadership skills, define your values, and create an authentic personal brand. Skill building workshops and on-demand resources are available to assist you in your career search.

“Career Services buoys and inspires active participation that pays back 100-fold. If you’re looking for a strongly rooted tech community that is always supporting and looking out for each other, come to the I School.”
—Shannon Hamilton (MIMS ’18)

Career Connections

As an I School student, you are joining a community of faculty, students, and alumni united by the drive to improve how we use and share information with the world. I School offers both in-person and online opportunities for you to explore possible career paths within this diverse industry and connect with industry leaders and employers.

Career Services for Alumni

We believe learning is a life-long journey and your career does not have a singular final destination. The professional landscape is continually changing and presenting new opportunities for meaningful work. Career services is available for you after graduation, including career coaching, our job board, and networking opportunities. We look forward to staying in touch!

Berkeley Career Center

As a UC Berkeley graduate student, you also have access to the campus Career Center. The career center has many resources including career counseling, career fairs, and the web portal Handshake, which is a robust job board where students can connect with employers.

Last updated:

November 30, 2023