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The MIMS Class of 2019 comes from a wide range of backgrounds, with undergraduate majors in fields as diverse as journalism; economics; political philosophy; engineering science and ocean engineering; Arabic linguistics; and art.

The group includes 24 women and 26 men.

The new students come to Berkeley from eleven different countries: China, France, Greece, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Taiwan, Thailand, the U.K., Vietnam, and the U.S.

The MIMS Class of 2019 comes from eleven different countries and a wide range of backgrounds.
Towards Inclusive Tech

Despite widespread agreement that technology classrooms and workplaces should be inclusive, change remains elusive. To many scholars and executives, it seems that we’re repeating the same diversity lessons year after year without fundamental change in outcomes.

The upcoming Towards Inclusive Tech conference springs from a sense of urgency about our limited success in diversifying the technology industry. We seek to engage a robust dialogue between researchers and practitioners about how to build more inclusive technical education and workplaces — and to inspire a new generation of scholarship and practice in the area.

The Towards Inclusive Tech conference springs from a sense of urgency about our limited success in diversifying the technology...



A Tribute to Ray Larson’s Academic Life

An afternoon of short reports by colleagues and collaborators on the academic work and interests of the late Ray Larson.


MIMS Visit Day for Prospective Students

Thinking about applying to the MIMS program? Come visit us on campus and experience the MIMS community, classes, and culture first-hand.


Knowing, Judging, Calculating: Consumer Credit Surveillance and the Infrastructure of Prediction

The untold history of our modern credit scoring system and how it emerged from a 19th-century surveillance infrastructure with huge archives of personal information.

Student Projects

A tool for better understanding the dynamics of food insecurity.
iSeeiSpeak, an intelligent image-based communication system for nonverbal children
Helping nonverbal children with autism communicate using pictures
An analysis of 17,500 restaurant menus from the 1850s to the present,...
YaBO! is a web portal to give restaurant owners the insights they need...