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Master of Information Management and Systems (MIMS)

Educating information professionals to provide leadership for an information-driven world.

Master of Information and Data Science (MIDS)

Online degree preparing data science professionals to solve real-world problems.


Master of Information and Cybersecurity (MICS)

Online degree preparing cybersecurity leaders for complex cybersecurity challenges.

Ph.D. in Information Management and Systems

A research program for next-generation scholars of the information age.

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Professor Josh Blumenstock was recently published in Nature, the leading multidisciplinary science journal. Blumenstock describes the potential for big data to make tangible improvements in the lives and economics of people in developing economies, as well as the pitfalls. 

“Today, 95 percent of the global population has mobile-phone coverage,” he writes, “and the number of people owning a phone is rising fast. With phones generating troves of personal data on billions of people who live on a few dollars a day, aid organizations, researchers and private companies are envisioning ways in which the ‘data revolution’ could transform international development.”

Joshua Blumenstock: Information from satellites, mobile phones, and other sources is not a panacea for international-development...
Slade in Malawi
Slade in Malawi

Timothy Slade is the recipient of the Fall 2018 Jack Larson “Data for Good” Fellowship. Since 2012, his work with work the nonprofit RTI International has contributed to improving the literacy of more than 6 million children in 25,000 schools in Liberia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi, and Kenya.

Slade believes that data scientists are uniquely equipped to improve the lives of the most disadvantaged members of society. “Put simply,” he said, “data science should be used to facilitate the democratization of opportunity.”

Timothy Slade believes data science should be used to facilitate the democratization of opportunity.



Freedom and Ethics in the Era of Big Data

Peter Dabrock, chair of the German Ethics Council, explores the potential of big data to constrain the real-world exercise of freedom and self-determination.


Social Impact Un-Pitch Day

Join CTSP and IMSA to brainstorm ideas for projects that address the challenges of technology, society, and policy.


Democratizing Data Science

Making it easy for individuals and teams to manage, analyze, and draw insights from large datasets.

Student Projects

Deep Learning for Safe Driving
Deep Learning for Safe Driving.
Patients should be the doctor’s focus, not the computer.  Scriboto...
A tool for better understanding the dynamics of food insecurity.
A data science exploration of rap lyrics, and what it takes to make it...