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CitizenAR hackathon team
CitizenAR hackathon team

Imagine if the power of Pokémon Go could be harnessed to tackle issues of community livability, justice, and sustainability. Five MIMS students won the highly competitive CitizenAR augmented reality hackathon. They created an application for Tenderloin youth and community organizers to interact and connect with their peers and community through an augmented reality game design.

“Our team brings a deep appreciation of social science and comprehensive technical expertise. We believe that we truly can make a better world as long as we keep hacking for social impact.” –Berkeley I School team

Five MIMS students won the highly competitive CitizenAR augmented reality hackathon with an app for Tenderloin youth and...

The MIMS Class of 2019 comes from a wide range of backgrounds, with undergraduate majors in fields as diverse as journalism; economics; political philosophy; engineering science and ocean engineering; Arabic linguistics; and art.

The group includes 24 women and 26 men.

The new students come to Berkeley from eleven different countries: China, France, Greece, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Taiwan, Thailand, the U.K., Vietnam, and the U.S.

The MIMS Class of 2019 comes from eleven different countries and a wide range of backgrounds.



Data Dialogs 2017

A one-day conference bringing together data experts from industry, research, and academia.


Visual Trumpery: Fighting Against Fake Data and Visualizations — From the Left and From the Right

With facts and truth increasingly under assault, sifting through the visual information and misinformation is more critical than ever.

Student Projects

A tool for better understanding the dynamics of food insecurity.
iSeeiSpeak, an intelligent image-based communication system for nonverbal children
Helping nonverbal children with autism communicate using pictures
An analysis of 17,500 restaurant menus from the 1850s to the present,...
YaBO! is a web portal to give restaurant owners the insights they need...