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A group of privacy and security scholars weighed in yesterday on an ongoing lawsuit challenging the authority of the Federal Trade Commission to regulate companies’ data security practices.

LabMD challenged the FTC’s requirement that companies implement “reasonable” data security measures, arguing that the standard was too vague; if the FTC wants to regulate cybersecurity, they need to specify detailed, uniform standards, said LabMD.

The eight professors — including School of Information professors Chris Jay Hoofnagle and Deirdre Mulligan — back the FTC’s approach in their amicus curiae brief, filed yesterday with the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals.

Student Matt Stevenson is excited about the impact that data science techniques can have on water and energy, especially in developing regions. Sustainable water and energy are increasingly critical in the face of climate change.

Matt started the I School’s Master of Information & Data Science program this semester and is the first recipient of the Jack Larson “Data for Good” Fellowship, which helps MIDS students using data science to benefit society.



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