5th Year MIDS Career Outcomes and Support

5th Year MIDS graduates emerge fully equipped with the interdisciplinary skills needed to solve complex human, social, economic, and health problems using data.

Graduates may go on to successful careers in established technology companies, start-ups, consulting, non-profits, financial services, entertainment, government, health care, and more.

Graduates apply skills as diverse as research design, data engineering, machine learning, data mining and exploring, data visualization, ethics and privacy, statistical analysis, and communicating results.

Recent MIDS employers include:

Adidas Group Allstate Boston Consulting Group Deloitte eBay Facebook Goldman Sachs Intel J.P. Morgan Chase McKinsey & Company Moody's Analytics Nike Oracle Pacific Gas and Electric PWC Spotify US Postal Service Willis Towers Watson YouTube

Recent 5th Year MIDS job titles include:

Software Engineer

Data Analyst

Data Coordinator

Data Scientist

Machine Learning Engineer

Cyber Risk Consultant

UX Researcher

Career Support

5th Year MIDS students receive one-on-one career coaching and advising, plus a wide range of career training and networking opportunities designed to help them transition smoothly from student to data professional.

LinkedIn Premium Career Membership

All MIDS students receive LinkedIn Premium Career access to help them apply the skills developed in the program. Using the following resources, students can:

  • Send direct messages to job posters to make an impression before they apply
  • See their profile views in the last 90 days and how job posters found them
  • Get listed as a featured job applicant and stand out to recruiters
  • Use Applicant Insights to apply with confidence and see how they compare to other job applicants
  • Get in-demand skills through access to online courses taught by industry experts
  • Receive instant access to salary insights without sharing their personal data

MIDS for Life

In a dynamic industry such as data science, it is crucial for professionals to continue developing their skills throughout their careers. MIDS for Life keeps alumni connected to leading data science practices via world-class MIDS course content.

The MIDS for Life program offers alumni lifelong access to the I School Virtual Campus, where students can retrieve all previously completed MIDS course work and recorded class sessions. Alumni may also view the most up-to-date asynchronous course content, including content for newly released courses, at no charge.

Last updated:

November 9, 2021