Citizen Clinic Application

INFO 289. Public Interest Cybersecurity: The Citizen Clinic Practicum
CYBER 289. Public Interest Cybersecurity: The Citizen Clinic Practicum

Thank you for your interest in the Citizen Clinic.

More information about the Citizen Clinic

Clinic student participants will be chosen by application. Please submit the online form below to apply for course enrollment.


  • INFO 289 students: This course has different start & end dates than other INFO classes; it does not follow the standard on-campus academic calendar. All enrolled students are expected to attend the first class. Please check the course schedule listing carefully for the course start and end dates. (CYBER 289 students: the course does follow the standard academic calendar for the MICS program.)

  • The class meets live (synchronously) twice a week via Zoom. Consult for current class meeting times.

  • Classes begin promptly on the hour or half-hour, as listed, not 10 minutes later (not “Berkeley time”).

  • No drops after enrollment in the class, other than for exceptional reasons. Because client teams will be formed at the start of the course, students accepted into the class are expected to participate in the course.

  • MICS students must have copmpleted at least one semester of classes (CYBEER 200 and CYBER 206 or 202) before participating in Citizen Clinic.

  • Students will be required to agree to the Citizen Clinic Student Code of Conduct, including security, confidentiality, professionalism, and conflict of interest requirements. Before applying you may wish to review the Citizen Clinic Student Code of Conduct (PDF).

For Prospective Spring 2024 Students

  • Application deadline: November 3, 2023

  • Students must attend the first class on Monday, January 8, 2024.


I am applying for
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.

Please upload a cover letter (maximum one page, PDF format). Include:

  1. Why you want to take this course; and
  2. How you might apply your prior experience, skills, or past coursework to protect politically vulnerable organizations. (Background about CLTC’s approach to defending politically vulnerable organizations online)

Share with us your experience, skills, or course of study that may be valuable to the interdisciplinary work of the Citizen Clinic (e.g., cybersecurity, technology, law, policy, foreign language, community organization capacity building, or other applicable areas).

Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.

Students who enroll in the course will be sent a YubiKey — a small USB device for multi-factor authentication.

YubiKeys are available for both USB-A and USB-C connections. We need to know what kind of USB connection(s) your computer has, so that we can send you the appropriate model of YubiKey.

(A larger connection with square corners; must be inserted right-side-up; available in many Windows computers)
(A smaller connection with rounded ends; can be inserted either side up; available in most new Mac computers)
Diagram of a USB-A connector and connection Diagram of a USB-C connector and connection
(If your computer has both, we will send you a USB-C YubiKey.)
To what address should we send that YubiKey?

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September 29, 2023