Kristy Edwards

Alumni (MICS 2022)


Co-founder of PrivacyCode.ai. Cybersecurity and privacy engineering leader, product builder & patent holder.


Product Management


My passion for cybersecurity started when I entered the field as a young network security product manager at Oracle, learning the subject from Bruce Schneier's Applied Cryptography. That was long before most universities, including Cal, offered graduate programs in cybersecurity.

Back then, I was fortunate to work with early adopters of cryptography and network security, building my product security expertise, and SQL and C programming skills, in a world-class product development team. I then held the database security product management role at Oracle, the most widely adopted database of the era. There I earned my first patents, including a privacy enhancing technology (PET), as a co-inventor with my development peers. 

Since then, I've led product teams creating mobile and SaaS security solutions, helped track down nation state actors who used zero-day exploits to surveil iOS and Android users, and built information security and global privacy teams at companies like Oracle, Workday, McKesson and Lookout. 

Now as co-founder of PrivacyCode.ai, a SaaS startup, I'm leveraging all of these experiences as I lead research & development, product, security and IT. A graduate degree in cybersecurity from a top university has long been a dream of mine. The learning experience in MICS has been a great challenge, and I am proud to call myself a graduate of UC Berkeley with a Master of Information and Cybersecurity.

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April 16, 2024