MICS Capstone Project Summer 2023

Cyber Attack

Get ready to dive into the thrilling world of cyber warfare with Cyber Attack, the cutting-edge board game that will test your strategic thinking and tactical prowess. Take on the persona of a cyber attacker or defender.

In Cyber Attack, you'll step into the shoes of a either as a cybersecurity attacker or defender. tasked with defending your company network from relentless attacks while simultaneously launching calculated strikes against your opponents, or the role of the attacker, stealthy penetrating the network and gathering information until you have the entire company owned. Navigate the treacherous realm of cyberspace as you breach firewalls, exploit vulnerabilities, and outsmart your adversaries with cunning maneuvers.

With its immersive gameplay, Cyber Attack delivers an authentic experience of the high-stakes world of cyber warfare. Develop your strategy, surprise your adversaries, and stay one step ahead of your opponents to emerge as the ultimate cyber strategist.

Key Features of Cyber Attack

Tactical Decision Making: Plan your moves strategically, analyzing risks and rewards to outwit your opponents and achieve victory.

Resource Management: Utilize your limited resources wisely, balancing offensive and defensive capabilities to gain the upper hand.

Realistic Cyber Threats: Encounter a variety of authentic cyber threats, each requiring unique approaches to neutralize and overcome.

Advanced Technologies: Unlock and deploy powerful tools, zero-day exploits, and cutting-edge algorithms to bolster your hacking arsenal.

Multiplayer Mayhem: play a one on one battle of wits or work as a team of two to test your strategy against skilled opponents in intense multiplayer battles.

Evolving Gameplay: Experience dynamic gameplay with constantly evolving challenges and new tactics to keep you engaged for hours.

Whether you're a seasoned cybersecurity professional or a gaming enthusiast fascinated by the world of cyber threats, Cyber Attack offers an immersive and thrilling experience that will push your strategic thinking to the limit.

Prepare yourself for the ultimate battle in the digital realm — get ready for Cyber Attack! Are you up for the challenge?

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September 18, 2023