Cybersecurity W295


3 units

Course Description

This capstone course will cement skills and knowledge learned throughout the Master of Information and Cybersecurity program: core cybersecurity technical skills, understanding of the societal factors that impact the cybersecurity domain and how cybersecurity issues impact humans, and professional skills such as problem-solving, communication, influencing, collaboration, and group management – to prepare students for success in the field. The centerpiece is a semester-long group project in which teams of students propose and select a complex cybersecurity issue and apply multi-faceted analysis and problem-solving to identify, assess, and manage risk and deliver impact.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Engage in a highly collaborative process of idea generation, information sharing, and feedback that replicates key aspects of managing cybersecurity in an organizational setting.
  • Learn or reinforce communication, influencing, and management skills.
  • Practice using multi-faceted problem-solving skills to address complex cybersecurity issues.


CYBER W200, CYBER W202, and CYBER W204. MICS students only. Must be taken in final term of the MICS program.

Last updated:

March 31, 2020