MICS Capstone Project Fall 2020

LoggiCat: PII Protection in Logs

PII data spills are becoming more common, while privacy laws increasingly require you to prevent them.  You’ve probably already invested time and money into trying to prevent them in email with DLP and such, but there is a high risk area that most companies haven’t thought about — your web application and debugging logs.  Your cloud transformation means that you can’t live without those logs for data mining and uptime, but what do you do when a site error puts PII into your logs?  You have to shift left with your PII data security.

That’s where we come in.  LoggiCat is the only solution in the market that can take your logs, sanitize or redact them to meet PCI, CCPA, and GDPR compliance, and feed them into your data lake automatically. Take control of your data and let your business focus on earning your customer’s business — LoggiCat will be there to help you keep it.

LoggiCat offers an automated process to identify and remove PIIs in application logs. It sends a slack notification to alert Developers if there is any PII in their application logs, helps them easily trace back to the source code where the issue is, and as a result saves Developers' time and effort from having to go through every log file to identify and solve the issue.  

Check out our video for a live demo.



LoggiCat Video


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February 3, 2021