Adrian Lam

Alumni (MIDS 2020)


Having seen the shortcomings of linear regression, my ISchool focus will be to learn machine learning techniques for time series forecasting.


Data Science
Product Management
Software Development


I was born in Los Angeles, but my family moved back to Hong Kong when I was 4 and I have lived there throughout my high school years.  I came back to the US for college in 2011, attending Carnegie Mellon University for freshman year, and transferring to Northwestern University for the remainder of college.  During my junior year, I took 6 months off to work for United Airlines, in their Continuous Improvement and Enterprise Optimization division, working on a python simulation coding project.  After completing my industrial engineering degree, I returned to United to work in their Finance, Resource Planning division.  Over 2 years, I produced manpower forecasts and budgeting for 3 major United hubs - SFO, DEN and IAH, assisted hub leaders with hiring plans and optimized staffing rosters to minimize costs.  

In April this year, I changed roles within United Airlines to their Digital Marketing division, where I focus on our personalization and machine learning products.  With the immense customer base that United has, we can do a much better job at improving the customers' overall experience based on their preference, as well as their online interaction with our website.  Seeing how big a role data plays in optimizing customers' impressions, as well as the investments that companies are willing to make in machine learning, has ultimately pushed the needle for why I want to learn more about data science and embark on the MIDS program.

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June 23, 2024