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Kim Darnell

MIDS Student


Applications of cognitive and data science to research ethics, pedagogy, decision making, problem solving, language processing, social justice issues, and gaming


Data Science
User Experience Design & Research


As a cognitive scientist and pedagogical specialist with a PhD in Linguistics and nearly 20 years of experience as a Psychology professor, I entered the MIDS program to develop the skills and experience necessary to bring data and ethics analytics into the classroom and to become the next level of master teacher. I want to be the interpreter between higher education and education industry -- to help faculty and administrators apply data and ethics analytics to the scholarship of teaching and learning and advise the companies that are developing relevant technology (e.g., learning management systems, adaptive learning and assessment systems, learning support tools, etc.) about the accessibility of their user interface, the “real world” usefulness of various product features, and the best ways to visualize output for users. I want to use cognitive and data science to improve how faculty teach, how students learn, and how technology is used to increase access and grow privilege in academic programs that serve students who are not well represented by traditional student models.

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June 1, 2020