MIDS Capstone Project Summer 2020


Transcribing music is largely a manual process requiring expertise in music notation.  For drum sets, in particular, sheet music is limited and expensive, often ranging from $10-$50 for a single song.  Yet, with the proliferation of computer-based music creation software and small-form factor electronic drum kits, accessible sheet music has become increasingly useful for developing musicians.

Team FindYourRhythm's mission is to facilitate learning among drum musicians — students and professionals alike — through the automated transcription of songs.  The FindYourRhythm (FYR) app leverages 400 hours of raw drum music audio from various sources to generate sheet music transcriptions for thirteen instruments common to drum sets.  FYR applies audio-processing techniques deploying open source libraries LibROSA and Spleeter as well as deep learning approaches such as Bi-directional LSTM for our web-based solution.  Users can upload a song or initiate a recording on the FYR site and receive the sheet music of the percussion instruments identified in the audio.  

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August 5, 2020