MIMS Final Projects: 2023

User account creation is often the first interaction with a digital product. How can we make this experience more inclusive of LGBTQ+ users?   
Advisor: Morgan Ames
GPT models (your favorite chatbot’s “brains”) are rife with factual errors. We’ll explore how GPTs store facts and fix what they get wrong.
Advisor: David Bamman
Egaleco, a fairness toolkit for advancing Machine Learning fairness in Healthcare (Product and Policy team)
Egaleco logo
UX research + design for Egaleco, a fairness toolkit enabling machine learning practitioners in healthcare to identify bias in their models.
Advisor: Morgan Ames
Explore the sustainability of electric vehicles (EV) and factors that contribute to the vehicles’ environmental impact.
Advisor: Marti Hearst
Algorithmic audit aimed at investigating the potential impacts of AI-based recruiting on diversity and inclusion. 
Advisor: Morgan Ames
Better Recommendations for Everyone, Powered by Graph Neural Networks
Advisor: Daniel Aranki
Soil monitoring has become an increasingly prominent environmental measurement in climate change, water resource forecasting, land stability, and crop...
Advisor: John Chuang
Despite coming from different backgrounds, all of us share one common belief — if put to use the right way, technology can be a social enabler. With this...
Advisor: Kay Ashaolu
MYND is an app designed to empower users to be proactive about their mental health by monitoring the user’s mental wellbeing. The app will automatically check...
Privacy Assistant is an intelligent writing assistant that flags instances of PII in your text and suggest generalizations.
Advisor: Daniel Aranki
A one-stop platform for college students to get information, action plans with incentives, measurement, progress tracking, and community building for (a more)...
Advisor: John Chuang
Cartoon person looking at a screen through a virtual mask
As multimedia content on the internet continues to explode, its veracity and authenticity are increasingly being called into question. Deepfakes are...
Advisor: Hany Farid
Large gap between house and person
Applied data science and analysis in issues surrounding the housing crisis. Storytelling and data visualization to aid in ending evictions and restrictive...
Advisor: Morgan Ames