MIMS Final Project 2023


Despite our diverse backgrounds, we share a core belief that technology, when used effectively, can enable social progress. Through our capstone project, we combine our passion for music and technology to support the underrepresented population of music artists in: 

  1. Boosting visibility via smarter artist(s)/music discovery
  2. Streamlining gig searching and matching
  3. Connecting with like-minded musicians to form groups

Introducing … (drum roll)... MusicMate

What is MusicMate?

MusicMate is a platform designed to help music enthusiasts effortlessly connect with fellow musicians, without having to depend on word of mouth or social media algorithms. With MusicMate, users can obtain a curated list of individuals matching their specific requirements through the use of custom filters. 

Broadly, MusicMate consists of four primary components:

1. Onboarding & profile creation

When new users sign up for the platform, they are prompted to complete a guided profile creation flow. This allows for the creation of robust and comprehensive profiles/portfolios, which improves the users’ searchability and discoverability. 

2. Home Feed & Discovery

Similar to other social media platforms. The Home page is where users can engage with others and explore content.  

3. Networking & Connection-Making

MusicMate is a place where music lovers can find each other and meet in person. Using search and filtering, people can discover like-minded musicians by using different search criteria.

4. Gig & Opportunity Searching

Users have the option to make their profiles discoverable to local gig organizers and potential employers. A comprehensive profile that lists one’s skills, interests, and past experiences can increase a user’s chance of getting booked for gigs and local events.

At the moment, MusicMate is a mobile-sized web application. In the future, we would like to develop and roll out a dedicated mobile application with enhanced capabilities.



Product Video

MusicMate Product Video

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Last updated:

May 11, 2023