Kay Ashaolu

Continuing Lecturer
Alumni (MIMS 2013)


Software engineering, engineering management, user interface design, systems design


My focus is two fold: how to create an environment for engineers to thrive, and how to ensure that the products we are building are having the impact and result that we expected. I'm very interested from startups to large companies that are willing to leave conventional wisdom in pursuit of what really excites the user and solves their problems.

I graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University in 2007, with a concentration in Computer Systems and Software. I received my Masters in Information Management and Systems from our very own Information School at UC Berkeley. 

I have had a few software engineering roles, including as a Senior Software engineer at Ancestry, helpiing build the systems that process customers DNA to discover their genetic ethnicity as well as their possible family members that are currently in our database. I was a Staff Software Engineer at Nuna enabling the federal governement to improve their claim processing for Medicaid. I am currently an Engineering Manager at Pinterest, managing a team tasked with improving the efficiency of ads served on that platform.


B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering, Princeton University

MIMS, UC Berkeley School of Information

Last updated:

December 3, 2022