MIMS Final Project 2023

IoT-Based Environmental Monitoring for Soil Sensing

Project Overview

Soil monitoring has become an increasingly prominent environmental measurement in climate change, water resource forecasting, land stability, and crop management. Current technologies in soil monitoring are used to help farmers understand their soil health and make decisions about how to care for their crops. These existing technologies, however, rely on proprietary sensors and lack the ability to onboard or customize new types of sensors.

We built a platform that creates an easy way for gardeners and farmers to onboard a soil, humidity, and temperature sensor and monitor the environmental conditions of their plants and crops.

Our Platform

  • Sensor integration
  • Storage of time series data
  • Monitoring and visualizations on live data
  • Analytics and forecasting.

Including both hardware and software components, prototyped a low-cost soil sensor and developed a software system that monitors and displays measurements such as soil moisture, soil water potential, ambient temperature, and nearby humidity.

Last updated:

May 8, 2023