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MIMS Final Project 2023

Visualizing the Housing Crisis

The current state of zoning laws and tenant evictions in the United States is closely tied with the history of redlining, segregation, and racism. Understanding the inequality that exists in these spaces is important to create more equitable communities.

We are teaming up with the Othering and Belonging Institute (OBI), which studies the relationship between zoning laws and racism, and the Eviction Research Network (ERN) at the Urban Displacement Project, which studies demographic disparities in evictions. Together, we will utilize applied data science approaches to study these issues in housing.

The goal of our project is to create a tool that aids the process of ending evictions and restrictive zoning policies. Our potential target audience includes policymakers, social justice advocates, academics, as well as developers, landlords, and the general public. We hope our product illustrates an alternative to the status quo of the current housing crisis.


“Today’s residential segregation in the North, South, Midwest, and West is not the unintended consequence of individual choices and of otherwise well-meaning law or regulation but of unhidden public policy that explicitly segregated every metropolitan area in the United States.”
― Richard Rothstein, The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America


Visualizing the Housing Crisis

Visualizing the Housing Crisis

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May 8, 2023