MIMS Final Project 2023

Sustainify: Helping college students build (a more) sustainable lifestyle

Our goal through this project is to help college students make sustainable choices in their daily lives.

Through this MIMS final project — using an interdisciplinary approach — we aim to create a one-stop platform for college students to get information, action plans, measurement, progress tracking, and community building for (a more) sustainable lifestyle.

As a team, we are extremely passionate about climate change and we all share common beliefs when it comes to:

  1. effects of climate change on vulnerable populations,

  2. information overload and the need to simplify paths to get high-quality, reliable, personalized information,

  3. shifting climate anxiety among youth into something productive and positive,

  4. putting power back in the hands of the people through technological, informatics, and design interventions.

Some technical details: The core webpage and possible mobile application are constructed with the React and React Native frameworks respectively. For data storage, we are using an RDS database with Supabase as the provider. 

Last updated:

May 12, 2023