MIMS Final Project 2023

Dash Queries

Problem Statement

After speaking to several data practitioners, we discovered that business users often ask a lot of ad-hoc data queries that are not served by BI dashboards, or internal reports. This creates a huge triage of data requests that a data team needs to handle, but isn’t the best use of their craft, and takes time from strategic projects. “DashQueries” is an intelligent system that helps a business user ask queries, and get answers from the data without having to interact with an analyst.

Scope of the Capstone

For the scope of the capstone, we are focusing on a sales team member as a persona and focusing on finding queries that a sales team member wants to know on a regular basis. We hope to use 1-2 data sources that a salesperson needs data access to, this could include product data, salesforce data, or another data source. 

Activities to be undertaken

  1. User interviews to identify most common use cases for a selected persona
  2. User journey mapping and creating a semantics around typical questions and their related queries
  3. Creating the algorithm to figure out the needed SQL queries, and checking the queries
  4. Creating a frontend to get the results
  5. Creating the backend to store the query data for easier future access

Why this capstone project?

This capstone gives us an opportunity to work on a real-life project as well as leveraging our skills as a team to produce a well rounded implementation of a system that requires: UI-UX skills, user research, data analysis and modeling skills, as well as creating frontend and backend. The project is integrative, holistic, as well as based on practical use-cases that we can work with business users and test our solution with.

Last updated:

May 11, 2023