MIDS Capstone Projects: Spring 2020

PATH (Predictive Algorithm for Traffic Hacking) A real-time traffic visualization and prediction leveraging public floating taxi data....
A video activity intelligent query platform
An ASL language–aware conversational bot which assists ASL speakers in retail environment to interact with customer success agents with the help of real time...
Use machine learning to optimize your betting for Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO)
A mobile phone app to match users with recipes based on preferences and ingredients they have in the fridge.
JUSTITIA is an immigration case approval simulator that utilizes machine learning to predict the probability of relief being granted for immigration cases. 
Detecting the extent of irrigation in croplands is important for food security and water management. Irrigation uses 80% of the world’s fresh water, but...
Digital Wall-E: Logo
Digital Wall-E is a service that visualizes where trash is on the roads to help local communities combat the ever growing problem of litter.
HOTzone combines historical fire data, historical and current weather data, and machine learning to predict where an active wildfire could spread on a day-to-...
With Humorbot we are exploring state of the art NLP and deep learning via humor. The goal is to use jokes available on Reddit and other public sources to...
iCrow is an AI powered scarecrow that detects animal pests and deploys appropriate deterrents to scare off a range of animal pests. Using Caltech camera traps...
Irrigation AI allows users to make informed decisions for water use and agriculture by mapping the irrigated crop areas from current satellite images. 
A survey bot focused on reducing vaccine hesitancy by helping facilitate better dialogue between patients and doctors.
JoyWalk City Guide
An end-to-end AI generated trip suggestion in New York City, customized for your preferences.
lucyd is a music recommendation platform that enables users to interact with and learn from their recommendations.
An app-based scavenger hunt promoting connectedness with nature
Using machine learning to help consumers quickly determine whether privacy policies allow them to request deletion of their personal information.
Utilizing state-of-the-art computer vision and satellite imagery, Re:Source detects water in the drought stricken Serengeti Ecosystem in near real-time.
Sidewalker is a software platform to monitor and assess the status of public sidewalks using an app to collect and process large volumes of images for cloud...
Sidewaukee: Making our city accessible
Enabling wheelchair users to confidently anticipate obstacles using street view images and crowd-sourced real-time insights.
The economic value of water. It's invaluable. 
Reducing gender bias in product design
Using machine learning to update the world irrigation maps.