Chandramouli Venkatesan

Alumni (MIDS 2020)


Graduated with Masters degree in data science in May 2020, pursued independent study on developing continuous learning platforms for education, a.k.a deep learning


Data Science


Have embarked on a journey of continuous learning for supporting my software engineering carreer in last 30+ years. Have worked and remained in the technical field since 1987  with roles as software engineer, architect, principal (CTO role) among others in areas such as Network Management and Big Data and analytics in verticals such as healthcare, banking, telecom, etc.

My passion has been in the area of research in AI (started in 1987 using Prolog for AI medical expert system) but have been caught up in the software engineering roles. However, made a significant change in 2013 to pursue academics and enrolled in data science certification courses both in university and online such as coursera and udacity. 

It appeared that i need to get formal degree from top universities leading the AI research (UC Berkeley) and was accepted as a student for MIDS program starting Jan 2018. Graduated in May 2020. My final capstone project "Real Time Conversational American Sign Language BOT" is featured in UC Berkeley School of Information Student Projects Page, as well as featured as the top showcase in Capstone project presentation in front of expert panel at the end of Spring term 2020.

Looking forward to colloborate with UC Berkeley students, faculty and alumni network for striving for excellence in academics and a future career in research labs.

Believe that the gap in research and adoption between universities and the industry has narrowed to few months from decade in the 90s or even in early part of 2000

Appreciate the opportunity at UC Berkeley, Go Bears !!


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June 23, 2024