Michael Stackhouse

Alumni (MIDS 2020)


Bringing modern data science solutions into the world of regulated clinical trials


Data Science


Mike Stackhouse is the Chief Innovation Officer of Atorus, where he is at the cutting edge of data technology within the pharmaceutical industry. He has extensive CDISC experience, working with both Study Data Tabulation Model (SDTM) and Analysis Data Model (ADaM) standards, and serving as a subject matter expert for Define.xml. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Arcadia University, where he studied business administration, economics, and statistics. In May 2020, he expects to graduate from the master’s of information and data science (MIDS) program at UC Berkeley School of Information, where he has worked on projects involving computer vision, natural language processing, cluster computing, and deep learning. His special interests include automation, machine learning, big data technology, and mentoring rising programmers. 

Recently, Stackhouse received the PharmaSUG 2018 Best Paper award for Applications Development, the PHUSE US Connect 2019 Best Paper award for Trends and Technology, and the PHUSE US Connect 2019 Best Poster award. Stackhouse co-leads the PHUSE working group Open Source Technology in Clinical Research, focusing on bringing the benefits of languages like Python and R into the regulatory industry. 

Previously, Stackhouse was a senior manager of statistical programming at Covance, where he led U.S. innovation activities for the FSP department. Under his guidance, projects achieved data standardization according to SDTM standards on upwards of 75 studies, including database integration and data warehousing. He also managed programming activities through a multiagency submission for multiple studies across a single compound. In addition, he took on multiple automation projects, including the development of a tool capable of dynamically locating programming independence violations and automatically detecting protocol deviations, as well as the creation of data pipelines around tracking systems for programming deliverables. 

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June 23, 2024