Vinicio De Sola

MIDS Student


I'm particularly interested in Cryptocurrencies, NLP, and Machine Learning at Big Scale


Data Science


I graduated from Universidad Simon Bolivar in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Production Engineering. I pursued an active role in in the Venezuelan industry, where I worked in Operations and Management. During my tenure at El Nacional, I developed new inventory models using Monte Carlo simulations and stochastic variables to predict the demand and the implicit exchange rate (BsF/$) to improve the procurement process. Later, I co-founded several entrepreneurships, where I had been the group CFO and risk manager, trading between Bitcoins and dollars to hedge the inflation risk in Venezuela. I also developed a triangular arbitrage algorithm BTC-Bs-$. This year I graduated from UC Berkeley as an MFE, and I'm opening a small private fund dedicated to cryptocurrencies. I had also been a private tutor for the last 9 years, having taught nearly 1000 undergrad and graduate students, forming my leadership and teamwork skills. During my spare time, I'm a passionate fantasy football player, commissioning a league of my friends, enjoy reading fantasy and traveling the world with my wife.

Last updated:

January 21, 2020