Amy Breden

Alumni (MIDS 2020)


A combination of Healthcare and HR


I solve problems. I have an analytical mind and believe that every problem has a solution, though some are easier than others. How do I install a new light fixture? Easy. (With the help of YouTube.) How do I represent the inter-exchange of healthcare data across thousands of health systems worldwide in a robust but beautiful visualization? Considerably more difficult, but still doable. No matter the complexity, with the right information and skills to use the tools appropriately, anything can be figured out.

After graduating with a BS in Civil Engineering in 2013, I turned my attention to careers in which I could have a noticeable impact and engage with a constantly evolving set of hard problems on a regular basis. I applied for the position of Technical Problem Solver at Epic, an electronic medical records software company, and have been there for the past five years.

After working at Epic for about a year I ventured into data science when I volunteered for a side project to collect usage numbers. I taught myself PowerShell and SQL in order to aggregate data and create reports to share with healthcare executives. I have seen the impact telling a compelling story with data can have, as my reports and white papers have appeared in our CEO’s presentations at our annual User Group Meetings, in U.S. Senate committee meetings about Healthcare IT, and in quotes by healthcare CEOs and CIOs in countless news articles and press releases.

I have since transitioned to a new role at Epic, Division Operations. Through this position, I have gained a more formalized education in SQL writing and database management, and have continued to grow my data visualization skills.

I began in the MIDS program in January 2019 taking an accelerated path while I continue to work at Epic part time. With a more formalized education in data science, I hope to take advantage of the massive amounts of underutilized data that we have available today to tackle complex problems and drive real change.

Last updated:

September 26, 2023