Data Science 210


3 units

Course Description

In this capstone class, students will combine technical, analytic, interpretive, and social dimensions to design and execute a full data science project, developing their skills as data scientists with a focus on real-world applications and situations. The final project provides an opportunity to integrate all of the core skills and concepts learned throughout the program, and prepares students for long-term professional success in the field. It provides experience in formulating and carrying out a sustained, coherent, and influential course of work resulting in a tangible data science project using real-world data. Students are evaluated on their ability to collaboratively develop and communicate their work in both written and oral form.

The capstone is completed as a group/team project (3-4 students), and each project will focus on open, pre-existing secondary data. A robust listing of open datasets will be made available before the capstone course begins.

Skill Sets

Project scoping, planning and management / Data acquisition and analysis / Communication / Teamwork / Influence in organizations / Design thinking for data science

Course Designer

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Alex Marrs
Former Lecturer

Course must be taken for a letter grade to fulfill degree requirements.

Previously listed as DATASCI W210.


Students must be in their final semester of the MIDS program

Course History

Spring 2024

Instructor(s): Uri Schonfeld, Zona Kostic
Instructor(s): Joyce Shen, Kira Wetzel
Instructor(s): Joyce Shen, Kevin Hartman
Instructor(s): Fred Nugen, Danielle Cummings
Instructor(s): Kira Wetzel, Puya H. Vahabi

Fall 2023

Instructor(s): Cornelia Paulik, Zona Kostic
Instructor(s): Joyce Shen, Kira Wetzel
Instructor(s): Puya H. Vahabi, Daniel Aranki
Instructor(s): Fred Nugen, Danielle Cummings
Instructor(s): Joyce Shen, Todd Holloway
Instructor(s): Puya H. Vahabi, Korin Reid
Instructor(s): Fred Nugen, Ramesh Sarukkai
Instructor(s): Uri Schonfeld, D. Alex Hughes
Instructor(s): Fred Nugen, Korin Reid

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October 6, 2022