Data Science 210


(Summer 2016)

Project Gallery

AidSight is a first-of-its-kind platform that makes international development data understandable and digestible at a glance so that aid professionals can...
Reddit January 1st, 2016 visualized with ForceLayout
Understanding brand health and popularity using Reddit
The personal assistant to help you tick all your fitness goals!
GoalTick - The personal assistant to help you tick all your fitness goals!
Simplify searching for relevant content in patents that leverages the textual similarities in the claims text to find most relevant patents for a given subset...
What if you shopped for Obamacare health insurance plans the same way you shop on Amazon, with faceted search, ratings and recommendations?
Holmes - Investigating Property Growth in Australia
What factors affect property growth? Distance to school? Find out with Holmes - a unique tool investigating property growth in Australia.
Deep Learning for Safe Driving
Deep Learning for Safe Driving.
What do you do when the data doesn't exist? Use big data processing and ML techniques to create an open-source dataset from the web.