Data Science 210


(Fall 2017)

Project Gallery

Understand dynamics around federal workforce attrition and predict future attirition levels using Survival Analysis.
DeepJams allows users to augment traditional music compositions with model-generated extensions. We use a neural network trained on a genre corpus to extend...
EventDilly Let's Get Out There
EventDilly is an aggregation and recommendation application for local events. Mobile capable, it provides people with a fun and convenient way to browse local...
FlexCheck Dashboard
FlexCheck uses computer vision to help you track your progress in injury recovery or performance training. All you have to do is upload an image: FlexCheck...
FoodHUD: the Food Heads-Up Display. Upload an image of food and see the caloric density today!
Imagion helps you pick which picture to upload to Instagram. Whether you are an advertiser that needs help deciding which creative will get the best click-...
IP-Mine: Patent Similarity Match finder on Steriods
Application to assist end-users with identifying which Senate candidates best fit their personal views. Additionally, this application will provide many deep...
GentrifAI predicts gentrification with open data, giving stakeholders insights into the when, where and why of the process
RedistrictR introduces novel techniques and developments to the area of quantitative redistricting. We deploy a scalable evolutionary algorithm to traverse an...
Retail IQ integrates visual recognition software with existing security cameras to help optimize product placement in stores.
AI-enabled breast cancer detection
Fire and ambulance services across the country depend on technology to help save lives. That technology is sorely outdated, has caused dangerous delays and...
Fans can't watch enough of the sports they love
If you ever watched a recordered game in fast forward, you need the sports summarizer.
Sweep Logo
Quick, easy tools to empower voters and keep Congress clean
A Natural Language Processing approach to predicting Alzheimer's Disease