Ramesh Sarukkai

Ramesh Sarukkai



Technologist with deep interest in delivering intelligent solutions at scale. He has a track record of delivering impactful products & platforms at scale across multiple domains - social media, video/media, commerce/payments, speech and self-driving.


Dr. Ramesh Sarukkai is a seasoned technologist with over 20 years experience in the silicon valley. He has led groups to deliver on impactful projects including YouTube monetization at Google, Payments/commerce at Facebook, autonomous mapping at Lyft, as well as commerce/payments solutions at Braintree/PayPal. 

His background is in computer science, with a industry focus on delivering products/platforms at scale to hundreds of millions of customers and driving billions of dollars of revenue to the business. With this experience, he has had the opportunity to bring advanced computing and machine learning technologies to significantly shape and improve real-world products across the different domains. 

He holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Rochester, a prolific patenter, and has authored a book on "Foundations of Web Technology" (Kluwer/Springer). He also participates in leading conferences as a author, panelist or invited speaker (e.g. 2017 NIPS workshop on Machine Learning for Intelligent Transport Systems, CVPR'18 Workshop on Autonomous driving CVPR'18 and more).

Last updated:

July 2, 2022