Kira Wetzel


After each class and upon request


MIDS Capstone Lecturer | Industry Leader and Organization Builder | Developer of Talent


Kira is a results-driven leader with 12 years of experience in developing and implementing data products and talent. She focuses on building collaborative teams that encourage innovative thinking and problem-solving while delivering scalable data foundations. Her technical experience has been focused on data warehousing and data management in analytics engineering roles. Currently, she leads a team of data analysts and analytics engineers focused on developing rigorous data management practices and infrastructure to enable her colleagues to identify and manage content creators.

In addition to her corporate achievements, Kira has founded a national nonprofit from scratch, girls + data, inc a 501(c)(3), that has the intent of bringing data and analytics learning opportunities to middle school girls. Kira's passion for creating opportunities and fostering growth has been instrumental in the success of the organization.

One of Kira's passions is to identify and grow emerging leaders, particularly those on the cusp of finding their way into their first management/leadership opportunity. She is passionate about continuing to build a pipeline of leaders, especially with individuals in under represented groups.