Korin Reid



Berkeley MIDS Program


Korin Reid earned her Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of Technology where she leveraged Machine Learning, Operations Research, Graph Analytics, and Geographic Information Systems, to determine optimal means of producing biodiesel from biomass in the southeastern United States. Dr. Reid currently serves as CEO of Ellison Laboratories, an SBIR-funded company that develops AI solutions to make an impact in the healthcare, renewable energy, and education technology sectors.  Prior to her current role at Ellison Laboratories, she served various roles in the Healthcare IT space including most recently serving as VP of Data Science, Data Engineering, and Data Innovations at a mid-market healthcare IT company. Before that, she served as Senior Data Scientist at a Fortune 5 Healthcare company where she developed one of their first large-scale customer-facing AI solutions that impacted more than 160 million patients. For this effort, she was named to Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2017.