Data Science 210


(Spring 2018)

Project Gallery

AI Curated Beer Recipes and Recommendations
AI Curated Beer Recipes and Recommendations uses big data, deep learning, and other data science magic to give you great beer...
The Togethr app helps overcome the friction of making plans - -maximizing the enjoyment of getting together with friends and family while minimizing the effort...
Coin Predictor
Advanced real-time forecasting and analysis. Unique combination of signals: hashrate, active workers, and block length, time series predictions, public...
Our product lets data scientists in mid-size companies increase profits via more accurate retail demand forecasts using cutting edge techniques.
Drainage Score Calculator
The Drainage Score Calculator ( uses satellite data to assess drainage efficiency in the area of a property.
Grocery Saver is a unique consumer application designed to empower people to minimize their own personal food waste while developing a new dataset to advance...
Emergency Triage
IDANN Triage utilizes interpretable deep neural networks with attention to predict critical patient outcomes and resources, aiding emergency departments with...
Nearly 1 billion people rely on communal water points on a daily basis. However, these water points fail at an alarming rate. Today, more than 1 out of every 5...
We have impleemented a deep learning approach to detect tumors on breast tissue using convulutional neural networks.
Providing data-driven guidance for water providers and regulators to prioritize water quality system improvements in our communities
Patients should be the doctor’s focus, not the computer.  Scriboto listens to clinical conversation and writes it into an EHR note so that doctors don’t have... is an AI powered android application that helps avoiding potential breakouts from cosmetics for its customer. By combining existing cosmetics research...
A data collection and analytics tool for the 21st century teacher