Data Science 210


(Spring 2016)

Project Gallery

Our project website provides insights into the consumer finances complaint database. We aim to help to consumers, regulators, and others.
Bazaar: Open Source Decision Support
Providing decision support in selecting open source tools and managing risk in the enterprise environment.
Want to see if your BioTech startup is likely to succeed? Is that other one a sound VC investment? What will they IPO for?
Better dementia diagnoses through data
What is income inequality in America and why should it matter to you? Our goal is to help you understand what income inequality looks like and to identify the...
"Job Fiction", a tool to help job seekers find Data Science jobs. It models creates the job seeker's ideal fictional job and finds jobs that fit best both...
Predicting Beer Demand
A project to help brewers make the right beer in the right place at the right time
Visa Application Times for Top 10 Employers
Using machine learning and historical data to predict H1B visa application wait times.
Ratings can be very subjective. We use the written reviews from the Yelp Academic Dataset to produce a standardized star rating.
All traffic fatalities are avoidable; so no traffic fatality is acceptable.
Most travel recommendation engines focus on the body of the bell curve - the most likely duration of your trip. The best estimate. Our tool provides visibility...
SmartCam's user interface
Surveillance cameras are common tools to monitor a home or business, but reviewing footage is tedious. We built a scalable system that harnesses ML to save...
Assess the power of satellite images combined with weather data to predict yields and to do a comparative analysis of modeling strategies.
Imagine a world where your kitchen helps you decide what to cook using your pantry and preferences. The Naive Baker is the beginning.
Tomographica is an artificial intelligence tool for radiologists. With higher sensitivity and fewer false-positives than any offering currently on the market,...
The Tourist Concierge Dashboard
The tourist concierge is a data analytics platform to assist you on finding that perfect dream location destination!