MIDS Capstone Project Spring 2016

Dementia Dx

Dementia is a long-term, progressive and debilitating disease that will result in the death of the patient. Despite its severity and widespread prevalence, little progress has been made in treating or preventing the disease. Nearly 15% of individuals older than 71 suffer from some form of dementia. While research has helped us gain a better understanding what happens during dementia, we still have not been able to make significant strides in treating or preventing dementia.

We built a sophisticated machine learning classification model to help primary care physicians diagnose their patients from all the available data, rather than from only their personal knowledge. Additionally, some subtypes of dementia are relatively rare! A specialist may only see a few cases in their career. We've focused on the two distinct typesof dementia: Alzheimer's Disease and Behavioral Varient Frontotemporal Dementia to prove the use case and created an open API from which professionals can upload a patient survey and receive the predicted classification.

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March 30, 2017