MIMS Final Projects: 2018

Track 1: User-Centered Design

Using mobile AR technology to provide vivid, personalized virtual earthquake experiences that motivate earthquake preparedness and knowledge.
Advisor: John Chuang
A voice-activated cooking assistant, Gordy recommends recipes and guides the user through ingredients and recipe steps.
Advisor: Steven Weber
Conquer Lyme Disease
We developed and tested a mobile-ready web app to help Lyme disease patients keep track of their symptoms and activities, and use analytics to visualize...
Advisor: John Chuang
Digital data collection for maternal and perinatal healthcare in rural Nepal
Advisor: Jenna Burrell
Pet Set Go! is a mobile application that seeks to reduce rehoming rates of adopted animals by strengthening the bond between pets and their new owners.
Advisor: Steven Weber
“PrivSec-F1” is a compliance-focused toolkit helping organizations navigate through the thicket of Cybersecurity and Privacy requirements
TingTing is an interactive audio application that aims to enhance safe driving for parents and increase engagement for child passengers.
Advisor: Kimiko Ryokai

Track 2: Data, Algorithms, and People

How might Alexa or Google Home enable us to explore complex data? How might we hear the weather, stock market prices, or the status of our IoT-connected home...
Advisor: Marti Hearst
Slide Deck AI
Our product is a Recommendation System that helps build better presentation slide decks with aesthetically pleasing display and more relevant content. We use ...
Advisor: Steven Weber
Clinico is a clinical trial coordination platform that leverages machine learning and predictive modeling to enable targeted patient retention and reduce...
Advisor: John Chuang
A research study on explainability and contestability of the usage of machine learning algorithms for the public policy domain.
Advisor: David Bamman
There is no “one” right way. We all learn the best, in different ways. MOOCs for YOU, your way!
Advisor: Zachary Pardos
rIoT Quantifying Consumer Harms
Our project tries to identify and quantify the injury to consumers who purchase insecure IoT devices. Specifically, we measure the additional electricity and...
SmartGive enables small charities to transparently secure donations while encouraging trust with donors
Advisor: Steven Weber