MIMS Final Project 2018

AR Wave

Experts predict that a mega-earthquake is likely to happen in California in the next 30 years. Even with this knowledge, not everyone is equally prepared for the occurrence of an earthquake. Since there has not been a deadly (magnitude of 8 or higher) earthquake for many decades, people go on with their daily lives forgetting about this threat. Earthquake drills are offered infrequently and are often not mandatory. This is concerning for global cities in earthquake prone areas such as the Bay Area where there are people from all over the world who may or may not have had any exposure to earthquakes. AR Wave uses mobile augmented reality technology to mitigate the misperceptions and apathy towards earthquake preparedness.

While it’s difficult for people who have never experienced an earthquake to imagine the frightening and traumatic effects of an earthquake, AR Wave uses augmented reality to show people how an earthquake might affect their personal surroundings. After understanding how devastating an earthquake can be, people will learn the recommended ways of preparing their homes for earthquakes. AR Wave will also promote earthquake safety by gamifying the “drop, cover, and hold” protocol, discouraging common, yet risky instincts (such as running) during an earthquake. Through the hyper-realistic and personalized training provided by our phone app, the earthquake-prone cities like Berkeley will become more aware of their vulnerability to earthquakes and will be motivated to take preventative actions.

Last updated:

May 9, 2018