B. Selenne Berthely Garcia

Alumni (MIMS 2018)


I am interested in reinforce my knowledge in the manipulation and technological advances on information analysis which I find particularly useful for my future career in Banco de Mexico.


Data Science
Information Architecture
Product Management
Software Development


I was born in July 13, 1981 in México City and I have always been passionate and enjoy practicing all kind of sports, my favorite ones are cycling, running in the country side and playing tenis. I am single, I own an appartment which I share with my cat whose name is Paris.

I undergraduated from B. S. in Cybernetics and Computer Systems Engineering at Universidad la Salle in 2003. For my social service I collaborated in the research of visual patterns with Instituto Politecnico Nacional (IPN) at the Robotics department. Since 2001 I have been working and acquired experience in 3 different companies. I worked in SMART BT as Project manager until January 2004, then I worked for 8 months in INSYS as a Security Consultant. And since September 2004 I entered to my currrent job at Banco de Mexico where I have developed activities as Systems Analyst and Project Manager. I enjoy my job and I am confident that the MIMS degree I am pursuing will help to advance my technical and leadership skills to establish and lead high performance software developing teams within the Central Bank of Mexico that serve as benchmarks of efficiency and innovation.

I enjoy listening to music, watching a good movie or tv show and traveling to new places where nature can be breathed.

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June 16, 2024