MIMS Final Project 2018


SmartGive hopes to change the way charitable giving is done. Our website gives donors transparency into how their donations are spent while allowing charities to maintain their autonomy. SmartGive uses the Ethereum blockchain to make payments instant, borderless, and auditable. Charities make requests, donors pledge money to them, and merchants bid to fulfill them all on the blockchain, thus cutting out the middleman of big charities.

We first recommend you check out our video on how SmartGive works. Then, you should check out our demo video of how the website works. Finally, if you have the MetaMask plug-in installed, you can see how the site works for yourself. Feel free to read the paper and check out the results of our user research as well.

cartoon explaining how smart giving works
Smartgiving: Transparent Charitable Giving


SmartGive Video


SmartGive Video

SmartGive Demo

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May 6, 2018