Chris Jay Hoofnagle

Adjunct Professor


Internet law, information privacy, consumer protection, computer crime


Chris Jay Hoofnagle teaches computer crime law, internet law, privacy law, and a seminar on the Federal Trade Commission. He is author of Federal Trade Commission Privacy Law and Policy (Cambridge University Press 2016).

Hoofnagle has written extensively in the fields of information privacy, the law of unfair and deceptive practices, consumer law, and identity theft. His recent work includes: What We Buy When We “Buy Now,” 165 U. Penn. L. Rev. ___ (2017) (with Aaron Perzanowski), Free: Accounting for the Costs of the Internet's Most Popular Price, 61 UCLA L. Rev. 606 (2014) (with Jan Whittington); Alan Westin's Privacy Homo Economicus, 49 Wake Forest L. Rev. 261 (2014) (with Jennifer Urban); Unpacking Privacy's Price, 90 North Carolina L. Rev. 1327 (2012) (with Jan Whittington); and Behavioral Advertising: The Offer You Cannot Refuse, 6 Harvard L. & Policy Rev. 273 (2012).

Hoofnagle co-chairs the annual Privacy Law Scholars Conference. He is an elected member of the American Law Institute, and a member of the San Francisco Electronic Crimes Task Force, Palantir's Council on Privacy and Civil Liberties, and InfraGard.

He is licensed to practice in California and Washington, D.C., and is of counsel to Gunderson Dettmer LLP, a law firm that advises emerging technology companies.


B.A., University of Georgia (1996)
J.D., University of Georgia School of Law (2000)

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March 26, 2017