Law and Policy for the Quantum Age

Chris Jay Hoofnagle and Simson L. Garfinkel, Law and Policy for the Quantum Age. (Cambridge University Press, 2022)


It is often said that quantum technologies are poised to change the world as we know it, but cutting through the hype, what will quantum technologies actually mean for countries and their citizens? In Law and Policy for the Quantum Age, Chris Jay Hoofnagle and Simson L. Garfinkel explain the genesis of quantum information science (QIS) and the resulting quantum technologies that are most exciting: quantum sensing, computing, and communication. This groundbreaking, timely text explains how quantum technologies work, how countries will likely employ QIS for future national defense and what the legal landscapes will be for these nations, and how companies might (or might not) profit from the technology. Hoofnagle and Garfinkel argue that the consequences of QIS are so profound that we must begin planning for them today.


“This book is broad, deep, and accessible - a rare combination in a single volume. This book opened my eyes to the complex scenarios that make up the future, and then gave me frameworks for understanding them. Highly recommended!”
—Adam Shostack, author of Threat Modeling: Designing for Security and the co-author of The New School of Information Security

“Revolutionary technology usually bursts on the scene and races ahead of public comprehension and policy, which struggle to keep up. Quantum computing is different - we have time to think, because many of the theoretical promises are understood but most are still years away. Hoofnagle and Garfinkel provide a valuable contribution to that opportunity to think, by giving the reader a comprehensive look at both the technology and its policy opportunities and threats.”
—Bill Silver

“Law and Policy for the Quantum Age is required reading for those who really want to understand why quantum technologies are likely to transform our world in a very radical way. While there are many other books that explain the physics and engineering of quantum information systems, Law and Policy for the Quantum Age is the only book currently available that clearly elucidates the huge impact that these quantum devices will have on industrial and government policy, and why we need to seriously consider these implications today.”
—Marco Lanzagorta

“… a gracefully written and deeply informative look at the commercial and policy prospects of quantum computing …”
—Stewart Baker, former Assistant Secretary for Policy, United States Department of Homeland Security; former General Counsel, National Security Agency

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