MIMS Final Project 2018

Chef Gordy


Gordy is a voice-activated cooking assistant that recommends recipes and guides the user through ingredients and recipe steps. Gordy utilizes both voice user interface and traditional phone user interface to support a seamless experience for the user. Gordy is activated through Google Home or Alexa and is then paired with its phone app, so that, as the user communicates with Gordy, he or she can follow the steps both through auditory and visual cues. As the voice assistant reads the recipe steps, the visual app provides extra help to the user, showing recipe photos and ingredients, linking with the voice assistant and automatically moving to the next steps. The auditory-visual combination ensures that the user can seamlessly follow the recipe, keeping the experience hands-free, and allowing him or her to focus on what is important: having fun while cooking.



The Gordy Movie

Presenting Gordy

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May 4, 2018