MIMS Final Projects: 2012

Track 1: Changing Behaviors

A suite of research-based mobile apps for families with young children, promoting digital and analog creativity, imagination, and sharing.
Advisor: Deirdre Mulligan
A mobile augmented reality application for situated learning, inviting learners to explore an outdoor location with expert guidance.
Advisor: Kimiko Ryokai

Track 2: Changing Business Processes

A social venture that improves the livelihoods of rural farmers through better management of source information.
Advisor: Tapan Parikh
A new micro-work crowdsourcing platform that alleviates the burden of businesses, guarantees quality results, and offers workers a fair payment.
Advisor: Tapan Parikh

Track 3: Enhancing Information Systems

Advisor: Kimiko Ryokai
A new service platform that extends the centralized Code for America fellowship model to remote volunteers on the web, tapping into the growing “civic hacker”...
Advisor: Robert Glushko
A platform for mobile game developers to easily add socialization and competition to single-player mobile games.
Advisor: John Chuang
An integrated easy-to-use system for independent media producers to organize, archive, and publishing multimedia resources.