MIMS Final Project 2012




The performance of Pixar Animation Studio's in-house digital animation software directly impacts the quality of their movies. There is an existing need to collect, organize, search through, analyze and visualize software performance data specifically about the duration required to perform various operations in the software. My MIMS Final Project, 'BusyB', is a native linux application that will be designed and created for the Front Line Support (FLS) group within the Tools group at Pixar for the purpose of making this software performance data available in the manner described above. The approach to creating BusyB will involve weekly check-in meetings with FLS to track progress, get feedback, and establish the direction of the project. BusyB is a culmination of the software expertise I had prior to arriving at the I School combined with the design, computer graphics, digital animation, and management skills I have gained since arriving at the I School.

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October 7, 2016